December 10, 2023 Genta-Mine in Gifu city

On Sunday, December 10, 2023, I climbed Genta-Mine in the northern part of Gifu City. This mountain is located at the north of Dodogamine.

On a previous attempt to climb on May 28, 2022, I was concerned about the carpenter bees at the treeless space below the pylon and turned around halfway up. Today, it was a bit warm for December, and I heard the buzzing of flies, although I didn’t see any bees.

I climbed the mountain with a bell to repel bears, but on the way up, when walking alone, I made a loud voice, as if practicing songs, to protect myself from bears.

I took the trail from the paved road and passed under four pylons before reaching the summit of Genta-Mine. I got a little lost near the summit, but it was a beautiful trail.

The GPS logs recorded by phyphox, a smartphone physical data acquisition app, are plotted on the map below. The summit of Genta-Mine is marked on the map as 228 m. The maximum altitude in the phyphox GPS log was close at 229 m.

The photo below was taken on the trail from Mitahora Park to the summit of Genta-Mine.

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