Gifu City Mt. Bizan (Mountain in Iwanoda, 40 minutes walking)

On the morning of Saturday, June 4, 2022, I climbed Mt. Bizan (眉山) in the northern part of Gifu City. It takes about 15 minutes on foot from my house in Iwasaki 2-chome to the entrance of Mt. Bizan. Long time ago, I came here to catch stag beetles.

I walked up the mountain on a paved road. I passed three people on the way to the summit and back. Compared to Tokai Shizen Hodo and Iwaisan Kanko Road at Dodogameni, the number of people I passed was small for a Saturday morning. This may be because this road is someone’s private property.

I climbed the mountain around 9:00 a.m. There was a lot of bee activity, and I saw wasps (Vespinae) and paper wasps (Polistinae). I think the best season to climb low mountains near here is from November to April when it is a bit colder.

Other species I saw on foot were Japanese grass lizards moving along the edges of the road, horseflies or carpenter bees flying near flowers with low buzzing sounds, small birds that I don’t see very often, and crows. I also heard a low buzzing sound coming from the high voltage lines. I thought the horseflies and carpenter bees, which fly with a low buzzing sound for their size, might alert humans and other animals with their sound.

Yoroizuka Mound is located at the top of Mt. Bizan. In a colder season, I plan to go off the paved road to have a closer look of this mound.

GPS logs were recorded using the smartphone sensor logging application phyphox (Physical Phone Experiments), following the procedure described here.

When taking pictures with a smartphone, the GPS logging is paused and then resumed.

1. Mt. Bizan (Round trip on paved road, approx. 40 min.)

2. Mt. Bizan (Round trip on paved road, approx. 40 min.)

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