Wild Birds in Gifu City – Shimoukai – Dodogamine – Uchikoshi

These photos were taken on February 26, 2023 at several places in Gifu City.

I took these photos using SEL55210 from Sony’s alpha 6000 mirrorless digital camera double zoom lens kit. The sizes of the images are converted to be smaller than the original images so that they don’t take too long to display on a Web page.

These photos were taken at Higashi-Kaiden and Shimo-Ukai Bridge near Gifu City Seibu Community Center. (Morning, February 26, 2023)

These photos were taken at Dodogamine. (Afternoon, February 26, 2023)
Wild Birds: Oriental turtle dove (Streptopelia orientalis), Varied tit (Sittiparus varius)

A Bull-headed shrike (Lanius bucephalus) perched on a cherry tree. (Afternoon, February 26, 2023)

A grey-headed lapwing (Vanellus cinereus) at Uchi-Koshi, Gifu City. (Afternoon, February 26, 2023)

The moon taken in the evening near my house. (Evening, February 26, 2023)

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