February 2023 – Wild Birds in Dodogamine

These photos were taken in February 2023 at Dodogamine, Gifu City.

I took these photos using SEL55210 from Sony’s alpha 6000 mirrorless digital camera double zoom lens kit. One of my recent pleasures on weekends is to walk around places where wild birds might be seen and take pictures with the digital camera.

Wild birds in the photos:
Japanese tit (Parus minor), Oriental turtle dove (Streptopelia orientalis), Varied tit (Sittiparus varius)

Note: I was having trouble focusing on wild birds in the center position and thought I needed to be able to quickly focus manually instead of autofocusing. However, by changing the default focus area from the entire screen to the center of the screen, there may be many bird shooting scenes that can be focused with autofocus (half-pressing the shutter release button). The photos below were taken in “Shooting Mode (Intelligent Auto)” before trying the following settings.

“Shooting mode (P: Program Auto)” -> “Fn button” -> “Focus mode: Single AF” -> “Fn button” -> “Focus area: Center”

Wild birds in the photos (2023.2.23):
Pale thrush (Turdus pallidus), Japanese accentor (Prunella rubida), Japanese pygmy woodpecker (Yungipicus kizuki)

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