Trails of Mt. Dodogamine

There are several trails in Mt. Dodogamine.

Mitahora Kobo Trail

the entrance of Mitahora Kobo trail

One of the major trail is Mitahora Kobo trail. The entrance is located near Mitahora Kobo. This trail is the easiest trail to climb Mt. Dodogamine.By following Mitahora Kobo trail, you can reach Mitahora Observatory Field. You can enjoy the scenery of Mitahora and Takatomi area from this field.

View form Mitahora Observatory Field


Matuo Pond trail

Another major trail is Matsuo Pond trail. The entrance of this trails is located near Matsuo Pond. Matsuo Pond is being repaired now.

Matsuo Pond (Being Repaired Now)

Matsuo Pond (Being Repaired Now)

Suwa Shrine trail

Suwa Shrine

The entrance of Suwa Shrine trail is located near Suwa Shrine. This trail leads to Reflection Board which is located near the West Peak of Mt. Dodogamine. Although the trail is filled with fallen leaves, it sometimes gives us good views of Yashiro, Fukumitsu and Sagiyama area.

View from Reflection Board

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