Spring and summer photos near my parents’ house

These photos were taken in May, June, and July 2022 at my parents’ house and in the rice paddies of Uchikoshi and Tsubakibora, Gifu City, a 15-minute walk from my parents’ house.

1. from paddy fields in Uchikoshi and Tsubakibora: Southwest of Mt. Bizan (May 2022)

2. A nutria seen along a river near rice paddies in Uchikoshi and Tsubakibora (May 2022)

3. Flowers at my parents’ house, tended by my mother (June 2022)

4. My weekly cleaning (not pictured, but also bedrooms, bathrooms, washrooms, stairs, etc.) (June 2022)

5. A ramie longhorn beetle (Paraglenea fortunei) seen in my parents’ garden (June 2022)

6. Paddy fields in Uchikoshi and Tsubakidobora, where I sometimes went for a walk in the evening (June 2022)

7. Vegetables harvested from my parents’ field (blueberries, myoga, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes (no photo), mini-tomatoes, okra, shishito peppers, green peppers), watermelons (2 balls) to be harvested in mid-August, a scarab beetle and a sawtooth stag beetle that had fallen into water accumulated by the rain (July 2022)

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