December 2, 2023 Dodogamine – to Shorai Danchi via Fudo-Iwa

On the afternoon of Saturday, December 2, 2023, I climbed Dodogamine in the northern part of Gifu City. It is a mountain about 140 m from my home, and although I have climbed it many times, there are some trails I have not yet taken.

I descended the mountain via a trail that goes out to the Shorai Danchi via Fudo-Iwa.

I descended by hand gripping trees and rocks along the sides of the trail, including thin trees, to prevent slipping and falling on fallen leaves.

The photo below is a guide board for the trail that leads from near the summit of Dodogamine to the Shorai Danchi via Fudo-Iwa.

I took the photos of the Jizo statues at Fudo-Iwa.

On the right side of the information board below, there is a small sign that shows the trail to Fudo-Iwa (不動岩).

The GPS logs in the figure below were recorded with phyphox, a smartphone sensor data measurement application. I went from Mitahora-Kobo to the summit of Dodogamine and descended on the trail that goes to Shorai Danchi via Fudo-Iwa. On the way down the mountain, the log shows that I turned back after climbing up the Shorai trail.

The autumn colors of Dodogamine seemed to be just right around late November to early December, and the autumn leaves were beautiful. The following photos were taken on the way from Mitahora-Kobo to Shorai Danchi via Fudo-Iwa, and are arranged in the order in which they were taken.

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