November 3, 2023, autumn leaves in Dodogamine

On the morning of Friday, November 3, 2023 (national holiday: Culture Day), I climbed Dodogamine in the northern part of Gifu City. The mountain is within commuting distance of Iwanoda Elementary and Junior High Schools. It is a 30 minute walk from my house to the entrance of Dodogamine.

It is already November, but the temperature was a little high for this season and I saw wasps nearby twice. Although we have not heard of any sightings of bears in the vicinity, many climbers were wearing bear repellent bells, perhaps due to the recent news reports about bears.

1. Photos of Gifu City seen from the Dodogamine

2. Photos of autumn leaves taken at Dodogamine

3. Reflection board near the west peak of Dodogamine

4. Guide board to the Shorai-Danchi via Fudo-Iwa (difficult path)

I saw it around the eastern edge of the GPS log on the map below, on the way from the west peak to the summit of Dodogamine. The GPS log is a little off from the Dodogamine Ridge trail on the map, but it is along a narrow trail, a little south of the wide trail connecting the west peak to the summit. I have yet to walk the trail that goes to the Shorai-Danchi via Fudo-Iwa.

5. brown-eared bulbul

6. Mitahora-Kobo

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