May 13, 2023 Flowers and Plants in our Garden

Photos of flowers and plants taken at our garden in Gifu City on May 13, 2023.

I took these photos using SEL55210 from Sony’s alpha 6000 mirrorless digital camera double zoom lens kit. The sizes of the images are converted to be smaller than the original images so that they don’t take too long to display on a Web page.

I am not very familiar with the names of flowers/plants and am slowly learning them as I look them up on the Internet.

1. Cornus kousa, kousa, kousa dogwood, Chinese dogwood, Korean dogwood, Japanese dogwood (2023/05/13)

2. Potentilla indica, mock strawberry, Indian-strawberry, false strawberry, backyard strawberry (2023/05/13)

3. Tradescantia, inchplant, wandering jew, spiderwort, dayflower (2023/05/13)

4. Pea (2023/05/13)

5. Cherry Tomato (2023/05/13)

6. Onion (2023/05/13)

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